Volunteering for Us

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Our events could not run without the help of the many individuals who so graciously volunteer their time! It’s a great way to get really close to the action, and to learn more about our sport!

Here are some of the ways to help out!

Prior to the Event

Grooming the x-country course: Repairing jumps, mowing, weed whacking around x-country fences. This is a huge job that requires the most help! Take a look at the Photo Gallery for the amazing work done on the x-country course before the Bird’s Hill Horse Trials! Thank you to all of the incredible volunteers who came out!

During the Event


Volunteers include:  tack check– responsible to double check equipment conforms to the rules of eventing; Whipper in– to keep the flow of horses into and out of the ring, gate people– to open and close the gate for our competitors, scribe – someone to write down all comments and scores while the judge is working, and finally a runner – to move the score sheets from the judges booth to the secretary in a timely fashion.


Jump Judge X Country: is responsible to the Technical Delegate, attends a briefing that explains judging procedures, completes various forms including: jump judge sheet, accident report, judges horses/riders at designated jump(s), controls spectators (if asked), communicates by radio to control, assists riders (only in manner prescribed by TD), stops horse/rider (if asked by control).


Stadium Timer: is responsible to the Stadium Judge. Attends a briefing, given usually by Stadium Judge, to learn the specifics of the role, operates a stopwatch, observes and times horse/rider combination through the start and finish flags, communicates with the Stadium Judge and operates the stopwatch according to instruction during each round, should there be an unusual occurrence.