Mark your calendars

Cross Country Course- Open for Schooling
 The Cross country course is open for schooling Sept 1 to Oct 14th. Please fill out the course user form and submit your fees in advance. $20/d per rider, $35/year per coach, facility rental also available. 
Fall Derby 
Mark your calendars, book your trailers, there’s a fall derby being planned for October 15th. 
Manitoba Equestrian Championships (MEC)
Come out and check out the MECs held on Sept 22-24th at the Manitoba Horse Council show grounds (Birds Hill Park). This is a Bronze level show thus Pre-Training is highest level to be offered:
Riders (based on points): 

Starter: Wendy Ross; Dion Peech; Megan Henry, Kylee Tonita

Pre-Entry: Keagan Armstrong; Desiree Langenfeld; Colton Martin; Hilary Kowaluk

Entry: Kerry Van Braeckel; Kassidy Moore; Deborah Shepherd; Chloe Shepherd

Pre-Training: Karla Iverson; Helen Martin; Shelagh Deacon, Danae Martin

Bud, Spud, and Steak!
Bud, Spud and Steak will happen with our Annual General Meeting this fall. Stay tuned for updates.