2017 High-Point Champions

Manitoba horse trials year-end Awards go to full members of Manitoba horse trials, Horse and Rider combinations who have competed in a minimum of three MHT competitions in Manitoba, including horse trials, Derbies, combined derbies, clinics and the Manitoba equestrian championships

Points are awarded for participation in activities, as well as for how well a Horse and Rider combination places in competitions. Points are also given for competing in out-of-province horse trials.

This year Manitoba horse trials hosted one clinic with Chelan Kozak in June. We ran four amazing combined derbies that included two phases, dressage and jumping, and we all know the lovely Dianna Fraser and the Will Family of Souris, Manitoba ran the incredible Willville Horse Trials in August!

There was only one rider who qualified for year-end awards in the Preliminary division.
Eileen Blais & You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
Presenting the awards for the training division: Carly Norris, 2007 Training high point champion on her horse Gumbi
Training Champion – Paige Dueck & Zoom
Paige and Zoom competed in 2 of the derbies, was first place in the Training Division at Willville Horse Trials and competed in 3 out-of-Province horse trials – Spring and Fall Otter Creek Horse Trials in Wisconsin and Roebke’s Run HT in Minnesota in June. This horse and rider combination earned a total of 52 points. Paige also won the Charles Owen Technical merit Adult Amateur Award at Otter Creek this fall. Zoom is 9 year old Canadian warmblood that Paige bought unbroke in the spring of 2014. Zoom takes her job very seriously and is quite sensitive. Paige hopes to compete at the Preliminary level in at the end of next year! Congratulations and good luck Paige!

Training Reserve – Paige Dueck & Woody
Paige and Woody competed in all of the derbies at the Training level placing first twice and third twice. They also competed at Willville at the Pre-Training level. This horse and rider combination earned a total of 30 points. Woody is a 14 year old quarter horse. He is Paige’s husband’s horse. He wasn’t doing anything with Woody so Paige started eventing with him. Woody loves to eat and conserve energy,  he resents being braided but is quite a cute jumper and seems to like it. He definitely does not take things as seriously as Zoom does. Congratulations and good luck in all of your future endeavors!


Presenting the awards for the Pre-Training division: Robby Norris, 2008 Pre-Training high point champion on Rocks and Minerals
Pre-Training Champion – Helen Martin & Ceatta
Helen and Ceatta rode in the Chelan clinic, competed at Willville Horse Trials, MEC and the October derby. This is Helen’s third year riding Ceatta. In 2015, Helen and Ceatta were the Entry champions. Ceatta is a home bred Next year, Helen’s goal is to move up to the Training level. Congratulations and good luck Helen!

Reserve  Shelagh Deacon & Fallon
Shelagh competed in 3 of the derbies, participated in the Chelan Kozak clinic, competed at Willville Horse Trials and the Manitoba Equestrian championship with Fallon. Shelagh has ridden Fallon for 8 years this fall. Fallon loves to sleep in the warm-up ring, but loves to compete.  They have won many high point ribbons in 3′ jumpers.  And has won 3 MHJA derbies, TB high point at Winter fair, and 3′ jumper reserve champion winter fair in a class of 43 horses.  Congratulations on receiving this award Shelagh and good luck next year!

Presenting the awards for the Entry division: Colton Martin, 2016 Entry high point champion on Buckaroo
Champion Kerry Van Braeckel & WKM The Phoenix
Kerry and Phoenix competed in all 4 derbies, placing first at Willville Horse Trials, participating in MEC, and competed at Fall Otter Creek Horse Trials in Wisconsin in the Pre-Entry level placing first. This horse and rider combination earned a total of 40 points this year. Phoenix is a 5 year old dutch/belgium warmblood mare who was bred in Manitoba at WKM stables. Kerry  just bought her in February of this year and is delighted at how fast she is coming along. Kerry’s  goal is to compete in pretraining in MB and down in the states next year. Kerry would like to get to training but says their dressage has to get better! Congratulations and good luck next year Kerry!

Reserve Pat Napier & Charleston
Pat and Charleston competed in all of the derbies and the Manitoba Equestrian Championships. They also participated in the Chelan Clinic. Charles is an 8 year old. Gelding. Pat got him off the track in the fall of his 5th year. He won high point Pre-entry last year and has been a super pony Club horse for Hilary, Pat’s daughter. He loves all treats, fruit and vegetables too! His other hobbies include camping and golfing. He is really good natured and follows his people around like a big lap dog. He was in a 15 mile endurance race last year and was just as fresh at the end as the beginning! Charles’ goals are to relax more during Dressage tests and to work on his stadium technique. Congratulations Pat on winning this award and we wish Charles luck in all his endeavors!

Presenting the awards for Pre-Entry: Jennifer Low, a MHT board member
Champion  Desiree Langenfeld & Indy
This horse and Rider combination earned a total of 27 points by competing in all of Derbies this year, as well as, competing at Willville and in the MEC. Indy is a 9 year old quarter horse. Desiree bought Indy last October. He was bred for western pleasure but has taken quite a liking to jumping, especially cross country! He has the biggest heart and always tries his heart out for Desiree. Desiree hopes to move up to entry level next year with Indy and hopefully compete at a horse trials in the US! Congratulations Desiree and good luck next year!

Accepting the award for Keagan is his riding buddy, Colton Martin

Reserve Keagan Armstrong & Satin 
Keagan and Satin competed in 3 of the derbies, Willville Horse Trials and participated in MEC! Keagan has been involved in Pony Club for the past 4 years and has achieved his D2 level. Last summer he got Satin and set his sights on becoming an eventer. Satin is an 18 year old TB from Alberta. She had been involved in Pony Club for many years and was looking for her next kid to teach. Some of their big achievements over the last year include:
            D Championship Rider at the Pony Club Spring Classic Show
            1st Place in Pre Entry at Willville 2017
            1st Place in Pre Entry at the Oct 15 Derby
Their biggest goal this year was a clear cross country run and they achieved it at the last derby. Watching this partnership develop has been exciting! Onto Entry level in 2018! Congratulations to Keegan!

Presenting the awards for Starter: Rebecca Rempel, special events coordinator for MHT
ChampionDione Peech & Luna
Dione and Luna participated in 3 of the derbies, Willville Horse Trials, the Chelan clinic and the Manitoba Equestrian Championships. A total of 25 points were earned this year by this horse and rider combination. When Dione came to Eastridge last year, she didn’t ride Luna very much. I saw her hand walking her horse – a lot! One day i asked Danae as I pointed to Dione walking her horse in the grass ring ‘does that lady ever ride her horse?’ Danae simply replied ‘oh she will!” And Dione got on that mare shortly after and started riding! She walked and trotted a lot, like for a year! so I said to Danae “does that lady ever canter her horse?’ and Danae simply replied “oh she will”. And here we are! Winning the starter division and cantering the whole cross country course last weekend. All the while thinking, if I break to trot, Eileen is going to kill me!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments Dione!

Reserve Megan Henry & Ovation Phantom
Megan and Pony Danza participated in 2 of the derbies, Willville Horse Trials, and the Manitoba Equestrian Championships. Megan has had him PD for 2 years. He came all the way from Texas! He is a 7 year old Welsh cob gelding  By North forks cardi who is a grand prix dressage stallion with multiple fei championships. Megan has plans to see how far he can go in the dressage ring…but he loves to jump(stadium)!  Magan has spent the summer convincing him the xc jumps will not eat him;) I think she’s doing a good job at that! Megan hopes to move up to 1st or 2nd level dressage next year and pre entry eventing. Megan says it took the better part of this season to learn to trust each other, and she can’t wait for next year! Congratulations and good luck next year!