2016 High-Point Champions

**award winners are featured in the header photos on the website**

Presenting the awards for the training division: Danae Martin, 2009 Training high point champion
Training Champion Paige Dueck & Zoom
Paige and Zoom competed in 2 of the NHPC derbies, both clinics – Ian Roberts and Peter Gray, was first place in the Training Division at Willville Horse Trials and competed in 2 out of Province horse trials – Roebke’s Run HT in Minnesota and Otter Creek Horse Trials in Wisconsin. This horse and rider combination earned a total of 23 points. Paige got Zoom 3 years ago and started her as a 6-year-old. This is her 3rd year under saddle. Paige hopes to compete at the Preliminary level in 2018 or 19! Congratulations and good luck Paige!

Training Reserve Krista Brown & Chanel IV
Krista and Chanel participated in both clinics, competed in 2 of the NHPC derbies, placed 2nd at Willville Horse Trials and traveled to Otter Creek Horse Trials placing 3rd. This horse and rider pair earned a total of 19 points. Krista and Chanel have only been together since April. Congratulations and good luck in all of your future endeavors!


Presenting the awards for the Pre-Training division: Robby Norris, a previous winner
Pre-Training ChampionKarla Iverson & Irish Gold
Karla and Finley competed in all three North Hill Pony Club derbies, placed second at Willville Horse Trials and participated in the Peter Gay Clinic. Karla has been riding for 14 years and has been with Finley for the last 3 years. Finn is a 12-year-old Irish sport horse. Next year, Karla’s goal is to move up to the Training level and travel out of province to compete and eventually get to the preliminary level. Congratulations and good luck Karla!

Reserve Paige Dueck & Woody
Paige competed in 2 of the North hill Pony club Derbies and placed first in the Pre-Training Division at Willville Horse trials with Woody. Woody is a 10-year-old quarter horse. He looks like he’s an easy ride but Paige tells us he can be a bit of a jerk. Marcus, Paige’s husband, is actually the proud owner of Woody. He only allows Paige to ride him since he claims he doesn’t have time. Maybe we’ll see Marcus riding Woody in a derby one of these days. Congratulations Paige and Woody! And Marcus!

Champion Colton Martin & Buckaroo
This year, the winner of this award is WANTED! He is a wanted criminal in these parts of town, the leader of the Hairpin Gang! He has been evading the law for far too long. I hear there’s a huge reward for his capture so I highly doubt he will even show his face to claim his award tonight. I’m wondering if Colton Martin would please come forward to accept his award?
When Colton isn’t robbing trains with his trusted Steed, Buckaroo, he is doing Pony Club lessons with his gang of boys causing havoc all across the land. This year Colton and Buckeroo competed in two of the North Hill Pony Club derbies, Willville Horse Trials and he participated in the Peter gray Clinic earning a total of 8 points.

Reserve – No eligible competitor

Champion Pat Napier & Charleston
This horse and Rider combination earned a total of 12 points by competed in all three Pony Club Derbies this year, as well as, riding in 2 clinics. Charleston also won Regional dressage with Hillary, Pat’s youngest daughter. Charleston is a 7-year-old thoroughbred that was bought off the track 2 years ago. Hilary rode him when he was only 4 days off the track! That’s one brave girl!
Some facts about Pat. Well, she likes the color purple as if nobody knew that. She broke her leg in June 2015 when she was bucked off a horse – the horse was not Charleston! Was riding again by last fall and has come back to win this award! Congratulations Pat!

Reserve Joline Bohne & Flin
Joline and Flin competed in all of the pony club derbies as well as the Peter Gray Clinic earning a total of 7 points. She hopes to continue attending Eventing competitions next year and enter the 2017 Birds Hill Park horse trials with Flin! Congratulations and Good luck Joline and Flin!