Snowbound Eventing Clinic Jan/Feb 2017

500An introduction to Three Day Eventing – How to get started
Saturday, January 14, 2017,Greenhawk Winnipeg, and Saturday, February 11, 2017, Brandon, MB

Thank you for coming to our first Snowbound Clinics on An Introduction to Eventing! It was a fantastic turnout at both events and great to see many new and familiar faces. We hope the information was helpful and educational. Huge thanks to Greenhawk Winnipeg and Janet Miner and Anna for generously hosting our first clinic at their store, providing snacks and refreshments, and giving us special deals on tack!

Topics included:
1. What is Eventing? Manitoba Horse Trials – Who we are
President: Paige Dueck
Vice-President: Eileen Blais
Treasurer: Robby Norris
Secretary/Memberships: Marilyn McNaughton
Other Board Members: Pat Napier, Danae Martin (MHJA Rep), Deborah Shepherd (Pony Club Rep), Sheri Parkinson, Helen Martin (Junior Rep), Becky Rempel (our newest member)
We are dedicated to promoting and organizing eventing activities in the province. The majority of our board members are also active competitors in eventing.

2. Level/Division Specifications – What to expect at shows

3. Equipment for horse and riderWhat to use

4. Coaches in EventingRider Fitness (rider fitness standards. If you can run through this it is not your riding fitness that is limiting skill mastery), Skills to master at each level – Smurf to Entry and Entry to Training (these are rough guidelines), What to look for in a coach – feel free to ask questions, taken from the Manitoba Horse Council website, and Rider Self-Assesment Guide: Practical Horseman (March 2008) for full article cross country with Jim Wofford.