May 14, 2017 Derby – Online entries now being accepted

We will be hosting a derby at Birds Hill Park on May 14, 2017, you can now enter on-line AND we will be accepting e-transfers for payment (details on entry form).

Enter Derby On-Line

The Derby will be judged on a per class basis and riders are welcome to choose three classes ($70 + $20 admin fee, includes course user fee). Class options include:

Dressage – Dressage tests set by Cadora and Equestrian Canada, links to the tests are available below. Score based on score sheets listed in dressage tests.

Pace – Rider and horse go through a pre-flagged route on the cross country course without going over jumps. Perfect for get comfortable on course and pracitce speed awareness. Score based on how close the rider is to optimum time. Optimum time is based on distance of the route as well as speed (measured in meters per minute and listed per level). 

Cross-Country (XC) –  Solid jumping obstacles over varied terrain in open fields. Score is based on jump faults and optimum time.

All rounds must be pre-entered as ride times will be assigned. Ride times will be emailed before the Derby. Entries received after May 7th will be subject to a $25 late fee. Cancellations after May 7th will be charged the non refundable office fee.

You must have an MHC membership. MHT memberships are highly recommended in order to qualify for year-end awards, however temporary memberships are available for the derby. Reciprocity memberships will also be accepted. 


  • Pinny number holders (If you don’t own one, you can rent from us!)
  • Medical arm bands preferred but not mandatory.
  • Approved safety equipment is required in accordance with Equestrian Canada rules (Vests and helmets are mandatory when on the Cross country course).
  • Dress code as per Equestrian Canada Rules, Section D (Eventing) , Article D114
  • Waiver must be signed in advance or at the show

Derby Rules available here.

Marilyn McNaughton ( is the show secretary.

Show from HOME?

Eager to get going on the season but can t get the trailer out of the snowbank? Still reeling from the cost of fuel for the truck? Not quite sure you are ready to head out into the horse show environment just yet? Here is your chance to show from the comfort of home.
We re offering two classes from the Dressage Canada tests.
1) Walk/Trot A
2) First Level 1
… You can find them at

And two classes from the Canadian Eventing tests
3) Entry 1
4) Pre-Training 1
You can find them here
Ride your test at home, on your own schedule, in your own ring. The ring must be marked out as 20X40 metres, with the corners and markers clearly visible (cones work well for the markers, poles for the corners) You can ride in an outdoor snow-packed ring, or in a field, or an indoor ring if you have access to one. Have a friend video your ride, standing at C and not zooming or panning, just video the test.
When you are happy with your ride, please upload it to youtube, and submit the link to me. There is a $25 entry fee for this show   if you submit for both divisions, the combined entry is $40.00. (which covers mailing test scores, ribbons, paying the judge, etc) All tests need to be submitted no later than the END OF MARCH to give the judge time to score them.
To enter: I need your name, email and phone number, information on you and your horse, your level of experience, which test you are submitting, and the entry fee (by cheque or cash or if you bank on-line by email interact to my email ).
Tests will be sent on to accredited dressage judges who will judge and comment and return the test to me.
In April, we will get together for a pot luck lunch, watch the tests   along with the judge s comments and input from a Level 3 EC coach, and award ribbons.
You get the chance to ride your test, and receive high quality feedback, join everyone for the fun and camaraderie of the  show , train your eye as you watch the videos, and have fun   all while your horse is enjoying a day hanging out with his buddies. No it is not necessary to wear full show dress or braid your horses   this is happening in March after all, but horses should be clean and tidy, nicely turned out, and riders  should be dressed so that the judge can actually see them…
This is ideal for riders wanting to get in practice rides before the show season starts, riders who are just starting to show, riders who don t have access to trailers to get to shows, anyone who wants to improve their riding skills and knowledge.


A huge thank you goes out to Shelmerdine Garden Center for their generous donation of flowers and plants used at the Summer Fun Eventing Derby on July 1st, 2012!! Well over ten flats of annuals were donated, along with planters and beautiful Dracena that were used to decorate and jazz up many of the cross country fences at Bird’s Hill Park! We are extremely grateful for the generosity of businesses that are willing to support Manitoba Horse Trials. The course looked absolutely amazing!! more…

Manitoba Equestrian Championships 2011

Manitoba Horse Trials is encouraging riders to enter the Manitoba Equestrian Championships 2011 on October 1st to 2nd, 2011. The competition will be held at the MHC Equestrian Center in Bird’s Hill Park. Entry and Pre-Training divisions will be offered. The goal is to have 4 riders per team from the East side and West side of the Province. The dividing line between East and West is the Red River. Teams may need to be re-balanced depending on the number of entries from each side in each division.

Submit your names to Lesa Cafferty ( if you are interested in attending.

CLICK HERE for the entry form and an information package.
Entry Deadline is September 25, 2011.

Please see the Manitoba Horse Council website for more information (

Dressage Tests
Entry Division Entry Test_2 (2011 MEC)
Pre-Training Division PT Test_2 (2011 MEC)

Birds Hill Horse Trials July 2011

I would like to say congratulations to all the riders for a successful and safe weekend!
I want to send a HUGE thank you out to John Moehring, for organizing this event. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, this event ran very smoothly. Thanks again.


The Birds Hill Event organizing committee would like to recognize the following volunteers for the approximately 600 person hours they provided towards preparing the X-Country Course for this Event. They assisted with building of new fences, restoration of some old fences, cleaning of the water complex (wading into the water complex and pulling weeds. At least 15 small trailer loads of weeds were removed!), painting of fences, cutting of grass in and around the jumps and cleaning the ditches, stuffing of the fences and general decoration.

Without their hard work and dedication, this event would not have been possible.

June 5
Carly Norris
Krista Brown
Cathy Brown
Tecla Dopheide
Lesa Cafferty
Ed Wiebe

June 11
Pat Napier
Darryl Brown
Cathy Brown
Tecla Dopheide
Lesa Cafferty
Ed Wiebe
Teri Gudmundson

June 12
Maria Setterbom
Tecla Dopheide
Cathy Brown
Lesa Cafferty
Ed Wiebe
Cara Wiebe

June 22
Ed Wiebe

June 25
Eileen Blais
Amanda Reimer
Rhianna Saunders & her dad
Cara Wiebe
Tecla Dopheide
Ed Wiebe
Lesa Cafferty

June 26
Teri Gudmundson
Carly Norris

June 29
Teri Gudmundson

June 30
Teri Gudmundson.

July 1, 2011
Tecla Dopheide
Teri Gudmundson
Cathy Brown
Carly Norris

Many Many Days
Geri Sweet –Cutting entire fields with park mower

Last and certainly not least, a big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped out during the show.  Without our volunteers, we couldn’t hold a show.  It’s all of you that help make this happen.  Thank you SO much.

Canteen & Competitors Party
Hannah Enns
Katie Enns
Patricia Enns
Sarah Enns
Kent Gudmundson
Angela Hammond
Debbie Moehring
Hermine Moehring
Nancy Norris
Nadine Orchard
Lyn Tye.
Show Office
Marilyn Funk
Carly Norris
Kit Anderson
Jump Judges
Wendy Brownlie
Linda Cruden
Dianna Fraser
Marlene Hanson
Tammy Johnston
Robin Kendal
Christine Kveder
Fritz Moehring
Walter Moldwon
Carly Norris
Derreck Orchard
Nadine Orchard
Jaclyn Rybuck
Ken Rybuck
Linda Santa
Rick Santa
Lyn Tye
Randy Tye
Terry Watts
July 2 – Jumping Test Set-up (5:00 p.m.) Grand Prix Ring
Derreck Orchard
Grant Moore
Dominick Blais
Dana & Jocelyn Young
July 3 – Jumping Test (9:30 p.m.) Grand Prix Ring
Fred Gutoski
Judy Gutoski
Jeneen DesChamps
Ring Crew
(Missing some names here)
Randy Tye
Grant Moore

I apologize for any names we may have accidentally missed.

Upcoming Show Dates

Birds Hill Clinic/Derby Sept 3-4, 2011
Willville Horse Trials Sept 17-18th, 2011
East/West Challenge Sept. 24/25th, 2011

I’d like to remind everyone about the East/West Challenge at the end of September. This is open to any competitor competing at Entry and Pre-Training levels. You must compete in at least one of our events in order to qualify for the East or West team. Those of you who compete in more than one, will greater your chances of making the team. The East/West challenge is free to competitors so please mark your calendar and get out there compete at our shows in order to Qualify for the division you’re showing in. The following riders have already got themselves on the list to qualify, but be careful, if other riders compete at more shows, they can bump you further down the list. There are 4 members per team.

~Lesa Cafferty, President MHT
Pictures from the event will be posted in this gallery.