Equestrian Canada Proposed Rule Change

Please review and send comments in regards to the proposed 2018 Rule change proposal for Section D: Eventing

Link to the 2018 Section D (Eventing) Rule Change Proposal (PDF)

To submit comments on the 2018 Section D RCPs, please send an email to Rachel Huebert at rules@equestrian.ca.

Please include the following information along with your comment:

  • Section and article number of the rule(s) you are commenting on (please include in the email subject line)
  • Your EC Sport Licence number (please include in the body of the email)

The deadline to provide comments is Dec. 8, 2017.

October 15th-One day… Two shows!

Hi Everyone,
It’s the end of the season and we want to celebrate another great year out on course. Join us for a) derby or b) a dressage day. 

We will be running a pick-3 class derby including Dressage (Equestrian Canada Tests, to be ridden at the Equestrian Centre. *UPDATE: Due to logistics, this may take place on the XC course), Pace (ride on the cross country course without jumping) and Cross Country Classes ranging from Starter (2’3″ max height) to Training (3’3″ max height). 

October On-Line Derby Entry

We’re listening! Do you want a cost effective chance at being judged on a CADORA dressage test? Here’s your chance at only $15 a class (3 class maximum). 

October Dressage Entry


Not a member? 
End of season special! Get a temporary MHT membership for only $10!

Volunteers needed
– Dressage gate person,
– Announcer,
– 5 jump judges,
– Volunteer to get the jump trailer (2″ball hitch) and warm up jumps,
– Clean up flags after (Trucks appreciated)

Mark your calendars

Cross Country Course- Open for Schooling
 The Cross country course is open for schooling Sept 1 to Oct 14th. Please fill out the course user form and submit your fees in advance. $20/d per rider, $35/year per coach, facility rental also available. 
Fall Derby 
Mark your calendars, book your trailers, there’s a fall derby being planned for October 15th. 
Manitoba Equestrian Championships (MEC)
Come out and check out the MECs held on Sept 22-24th at the Manitoba Horse Council show grounds (Birds Hill Park). This is a Bronze level show thus Pre-Training is highest level to be offered:
Riders (based on points): 

Starter: Wendy Ross; Dion Peech; Megan Henry, Kylee Tonita

Pre-Entry: Keagan Armstrong; Desiree Langenfeld; Colton Martin; Hilary Kowaluk

Entry: Kerry Van Braeckel; Kassidy Moore; Deborah Shepherd; Chloe Shepherd

Pre-Training: Karla Iverson; Helen Martin; Shelagh Deacon, Danae Martin

Bud, Spud, and Steak!
Bud, Spud and Steak will happen with our Annual General Meeting this fall. Stay tuned for updates.